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Are You Grant Ready?

Our Grant Readiness Screening helps us determine whether you are ready to set up an appointment to contract our grant writing services, or need more assistance with preparing you to become grant ready. If you score less than a 5 on our Grant Readiness Screening, then you are not grant ready and need assistance. You will receive a free 15 minute consultation on our Grant Ready Toolkit for either small businesses or non-profit/faith-based organizations. After the consultation, we recommend that you purchase our toolkit which will help you become grant ready! Become a member today and receive 10% off of our services!

Grant Writing Services

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Advertise with Us

Generate additional revenue for your business or promote your non-profit and share your donation link in our Dasher Catalogue.  Your business will be advertised in a color-catalogue to customers who we serve through Door Dash or Uber Eats. 

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Members will also get advertisements through our webpage and social media sites.  Click here to become a member also:

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